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BRIGADIER GENERAL CHARLES W. SWEENEY :: essays research papers

BRIGADIER GENERAL CHARLES W. SWEENEY Resigned Dec. 27, 1979      Brigadier General Charles W. Sweeney was conceived in Lowell, Mass., in 1919. He moved on from North Quincy High School (Mass.) in 1937. In the wake of moving on from secondary school, he went to night classes at Boston University and furthermore at Purdue University. Charles Sweeney joined the Army Air Corps as a flying cadet on April 28, 1941. Accepting his bonus as a pilot in the Army Air Corps as an aeronautics cadet on April 28, 1941. Accepting his bonus as a pilot in the Army Air Corps in December 1941, Lieutenant Sweeney went through two years at Jefferson Proving Grounds Ind. From the demonstrating grounds in 1943, Charles Sweeney, presently a commander, moved to Eglin Field, Fla., where he filled in as a tasks official and furthermore an aircraft tester.      In 1944 he was elevated to the position of major in the Army of the United States. Right now he was going about as a B-29 pilot educator at Grand Island, Neb. Later around the same time, Major Sweeney was reassigned to Wendover Field, Utah and it was here that he started working in the "Silver Plate" venture, the code name of the pilot and team preparing program for the coming World War II nuclear missions.      On May 4, 1945 (at 25 years old and with the position of major) Charles Sweeney became administrator of the 393d Bombardment Squadron, a B-29 unit, which seven weeks after the fact (on June, 1945) traveled to a base on Tinian in the Mariana Islands. It was during August 1945 that Major Sweeney flew the history-production missions and dropped the bomb which concluded World War II.      In November 1945, Major Sweeney and the 393d Bombardment Squadron got back to Roswell Air Force Base, N.M. His crucial Roswell was to prepare aircrews for a third nuclear strategic - a peacetime investigate Bikini. Only a couple of months after the fact on June 28, 1946, he was released from deployment ready with the position of lieutenant colonel.      Colonel Sweeney, on Feb. 21, 1956, was named wing leader by Governor Christian A. Herter. Likewise in 1956, the unit was again re-assigned as the 102d Air Defense Wing, and on April 6, 1956, Colonel Sweeney got his advancement to the position of brigadier general. 1958 saw the wing get its current assignment as the 102d Tactical Fighter Wing.      General Sweeney

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Physical Theatre Essays

Physical Theater Essays Physical Theater Essay Physical Theater Essay Physical Theater History: * Physical venue is a trick all term to portray any presentation that seeks after narrating through essential physical methods * The term â€Å"physical theatre† has been applied to exhibitions comprising principally of: 1. Emulate 2. Contemporary move 3. Showy joking and other physical parody 4. A few types of puppetry 5. Dramatic tumbling * Modern physical performance center has developed from an assortment of origins.Mime and showy playing schools, for example, L’Ecole Jacques Lecoq Paris, have impacted numerous cutting edge articulations of Physical Theater. * Another custom began with the exceptionally renowned French master Etienne Decrouxâ (father ofâ corporeal emulate). Decrouxs point was to make a performance center dependent on the genuineness of the on-screen character permitting the formation of a moreâ metaphorical theater. This convention has developed and human emulate is currently educated in many significant showy schools. Heritage: Physical venue had become such a major wonder today, being appeared in film, for example, â€Å"Stomp the Yard† and â€Å"Step Up† just as immense overall creations, for example, â€Å"Wicked†, â€Å"Cirque de Solei† and â€Å"Hairspray† * We are the structure square of the development of physical theatre.Techniques: * Important theater bearings, for example, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Ariane Mnouchkine and Tadashi Suzukiâ all investigated and built up an assortment of extreme preparing strategies for their on-screen characters, that were expected to free on-screen characters and crowds from exhausting and unstimulating exhibitions. They contended that a performing body ought to be an instrument of articulation that has one of a kind rhythms and examples that must be intensified, created and aced before a presentation can be seen as successful. * They likewise pushed an assortment of preparing systems and activities to create what they accepted were significant associations between the correspondence of physical and enthusiastic truth in on-screen characters and a large number of their proposals have been taken up by acting schools in various nations.

Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 16

Morals - Essay Example The Chinese human advancement concentrated on farming. Taoism and Confucianism went about as the two fundamental schools of musings and Chinese way of thinking. The association of Chinese human advancement with nature has driven its kin to increase a gratefulness and appreciation towards nature (Gao, 2012). The Chinese culture profoundly esteem nature. The esteeming of nature in this culture results from passionate impacts. Chinese workmanship, for example, planting, scene painting and verse has a cozy relationship with nature. This shows the quest for nature with amicability is a consistent occasion and exertion in Chinese social practice and reasoning. The Chinese culture sees nature as a self-creating procedure of propagation and creation of life. The Chinese economy intensely depends on assembling and trading, which prompts enormous natural corruption. Also, China has made colossal interests in the misuse of normal assets in Asia and African nations. This additionally prompts huge natural debasement in light of overexploitation. The collaborations of Chinese social orders with nature are impacted by the idea of chi that assumes a pivotal job in Chinese way of thinking. The ideas of chi and compassion hugely impact the Chinese energy about nature. Chinese way of thinking sees nature as a natural framework that is consistently self-producing. The idea of chi is fundamental in the moral connection and energy about nature. Chi contains both profound and material significance (Gao, 2012). Cheng Chung-Ying states that chi contains epistemological, supernatural and logical hypothesis and stylish measurement (Cheng, 1986, 356). Chi has trademark includes that are firmly interconnected. These highlights are innovativeness, vacancy and congruity. Progression implies that chi is the fundamental part that makes everything. In this way, all spaces and things are

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Communism in China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Socialism in China - Essay Example The disappointment of patriot pioneer Chiang Kai-Shek to offer assurance from the danger presented by Japan prompted his kidnapping. He was constrained by the abductors to reevaluate collaboration with the socialist armed force (Office of the Historian, n.d.). This established a framework for the ascent of socialism in the nation. The other factor that contributed was the ascent of a tyrannical system. The patriot government was blamed for undemocratic arrangements and defilement (Office of the Historian, n.d.). The discontent of the populace and poor arrangements made the nation increasingly defenseless against socialism beliefs. Then again, China Communist Party (CCP) got overpowering help from workers because of land changes it started and repulsing of Japanese intruders (Office of the Historian, n.d.). In conclusion, remote mediation assumed a job in the ascent of socialism. The United States and Soviet Union affected different issues in the nation. US was on the side of Nationalist government while Soviet Union bolstered CCP. Notwithstanding, Soviet Union won as it involved Manchuria and possibly left when Chinese Communist powers were in a situation to guarantee triumph of the region (Office of the Historian, n.d.). This prompted the foundation of socialism in the bigger piece of the

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Senior Year Dos and Donts - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

Senior Year Dos and Donts - UGA Undergraduate Admissions Senior Year Dos and Donts It is that time of year again, when K-12 schools are starting back, students (and teachers) groan and parents quietly celebrate. Colleges are beginning to open their applications for the Class of 2023 (UGAs app will open on September 1), and the college admissions process suddenly gets real. With the flip of the proverbial switch, applying to colleges suddenly changes from a vague future action to a reality and the tension level goes up to a seven or eight. I honor of this time of year, here is a list of dos and donts for parents and students. Rising HS Seniors: DO: Have a wonderful senior year, as your senior year should be special. Focus on doing well in your classes, but also take time to strengthen your ties to your friends, meet new people, and enjoy your last year of HS. DONT: Let senioritis overtake your brain. After you are admitted to a college, they will still be reviewing your final HS transcript, and you need to make sure your grades have not dropped to a level that causes problems in enrolling at your intended college. We rescinded eight offers of admission this year please dont be one of these next year. DO: Stay active in clubs, sports, volunteer work or other activities that you have been involved with during HS. Senior year should be a good finish to your HS years, not a count-down until you are out of there. DONT: Be so active in all things outside of school that you let your grades drop (see the first DONT). Know (or learn) how to juggle different demands, and know that your academics come first. DO: Look at the college search process as a time to learn more about yourself, what you want to do for the next four years, and find several good matches in your college search. This should be an exciting time where you are able to look into the future and see how you fit with each college, and the possibilities that are down the road. DONT: Listen to myths, rumors or people who say I heard that in order to get into UGA. Senior year and the college search should not be a time of panic or despair, and most of the stress is not necessary. College admission offices want to work with you and help you through the process, so listen to their suggestions. Generally, college admission rumors start when someone does not understand the admissions process, and they then attempt to guess about a reason X/Y/Z happened. Dont get caught up in this cycle of misinformation. DO: Pay attention to deadlines, take responsibility for your own college applications, and make sure things are in well before they need to be. DONT: Do things at the last minute. How you act in HS and in the application process shows us how you might be on our campus. If you do things at the last second (or later), procrastinate, and do not take care of your side of things, what do you think the colleges will be thinking about how you will handle things once you get to college. DO: Enjoy your senior year, take time to enjoy the college selection process, and thank your parents, counselors and teachers for all that they have done for you. Parents of Rising HS Seniors DO: Support your student during this challenging year of transition. Find a good balance between helping them and getting out of the way and letting them handle things, as they will be out of the house next year and having to do things on their own soon enough. DONT: Make this process about you. We all want our kids to succeed, whether it is in four year old soccer or applying to college, and as parents, you feel each joy and pain your child feels. But make sure that the focus is on the student, where they want to apply, and what is best for them. If you find yourself saying We applied, stop and reassess the situation. There are many comparisons we use for parents (training wheels on a bike, safety net, coach, cheerleader), but in the end the student is going to be on a campus next fall, and they need to learn how to handle this college thing on their own. DO: Learn about the colleges your student is interested in, and ask questions of admissions about the process. Our offices are happy to answer all questions, and I try and reply to any and all comments on this blog. We still want the student to ask questions, and you should encourage your student to take the lead, but we are fine working with parents during this process. DONT: Ask for advice on UGA admissions decision process from your friends/neighbors just because they have had a child apply to UGA in the past. First, things change, from deadlines to requirements to how our process works. Second, having a child apply to college makes you knowledgeable about applying to college, not on how admission decisions are made. Myths and rumors abound in the college admissions world, but I heavily suggest you try and avoid anyone sharing them. If a person starts a sentence with I heard that UGA Admissions , think twice (or more) about the advice. DO: Have a discussion with your student on the realities of attending X/Y/Z college, especially if college costs are a major factor. Make sure they know what the reality is concerning what is possible and what is not based on admissions/financial aid. DONT: Eliminate a college from your students list just because it is a rival of your alma mater. If you are an Alabama fan, life will be okay if your child goes to Auburn. Same with UGA/GT, Cal Berkeley/Stanford, UNC/NC State, and Harvard/Yale. Let your student find the colleges that match their interests and go from there. DO: Help your student find a number of colleges that fit their needs. In the college search, there will be a number of institutions that check off all the boxes of what your student is looking for in a university. Help them understand that there are a number of great options and to find good matches with their needs. DONT: Tell your student that there is only one perfect college for them. Having only one perfect option puts a great deal of unnecessary pressure on getting into that one institution. I know a number of previously denied students who found a great match at another college, even if at first they thought not getting into UGA was the end of the world. DO: Tell your child you love them no matter what admission decisions occur over the next year or so. Good luck in managing the college admissions process, and Go Dawgs!

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Eastern Lowland Gorilla Essay - 550 Words

Eastern Lowland Gorilla (Essay Sample) Content: NameCourseCourse InstructorDateEastern lowland gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri)Gorilla is among the largest primates in the world. One of the gorillas is eastern lowland gorilla also known as Grauers gorilla (World Wildlife Fund (WWF) 1). It is the largest in all subspecies (WWF 1). It is found in eastern part of DRC (YoG 1). A reflection of anatomical/ physiological, locomotion, habitat, and its feeding habit is of the essence in understanding the subspecies.The gorilla subspecies have unique features. It has a wide body, bulky hands, and a small muzzle (WWF 1). On the other hand, it has it has a thumb larger than other fingers. It also has no hair on face, ears, hands, and feet. The old males also lack hair in the chest (WWF 1). In comparison to other gorilla subspecies, the hair and teeth are short while the arms are great in length (WWF 1). Locomotion occurs with the support of four legs.The gorilla has varied diets. The diet includes a wide range of plants, fr uits, seeds, leaves, stems and barks (YoG 1). It also feeds on termites and varieties of insects. On the other hand, the gorilla may live in montane, and lowland tropical forests (YoG 1). The species is under threat. The threat has been due to constant political instability (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources 1). The effect has been high exploitation of the species. Moreover, there has been a loss of habitat and habitat quality due to political unrest and expanding human activities (IUCN 1). The effect is a constant decrease in the population.In conclusion, the species posses unique attribute. However, it is clear that more conservation effort is needed to avoid its extinction, as it is only located in one area. Works CitedInternational Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. Gorilla beringei ssp. Gra...

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Price Reduction And Unethical Purchasing Behaviour

After the research finds out that price is a factor to cause the gap, it will continue to investigate more on to what extend the price offers convinced customer to unethically purchase and abandon their ethical intention. As shown on figure 4.4.2, the mean scores tend to increase along with the increasing in the degree of price reduction of unethical products for both Thais and UK charts. This means that both nations tend to accept unethical garment if it offer a price reduction. Also, on every degrees of price saving, Thai have more tendency to buy unethically made cloth than UK. To clarify, both of the chart from Thailand and UK show a linear distribution and have a positive relationship between price reduction and unethical purchasing behaviour. This is another evidence to suggest that the rival of ethical product price is a factor that makes people neglect their ethical goals. Also, it suggests that price sensitivity of customers are a factor that widen the gap. The result is cor responding with Jà ¤gel et al. (2012), and Creyer and Ross (1997) as they suggested that without price reduction on ethical product people will find a cheaper alternative and emphasize more on price than ethical issues. As the scale are ranged between 1 to 7, the mean score of price saving of 10% are pretty closed to the scale of 1 which is extremely unlikely for both of the Thai and UK chart with the mean score of 2.63 for Thais and 3.04 for UK. On the opposite side, it also show the mean scoresShow MoreRelatedThe Expansion Of Multinational Corporations ( Mncs ) Essay900 Words   |  4 Pagesgeographies of retail connecting production, distribution and consumption. MNCs growth has led to greater purchasing power of companies as they expand. Purchasing power can be used to impact upon the geographies of retail production through processes of restructuring, merges and divestment (Alexander and Quinn, 2002). Large retailers use their power to transform the market. In the case of Toyota, purchasing power was used for the acquisition of companies. In 2000 a branch of Toyota purchased BT IndustriesRead MoreBusiness Report : Sainsburys Plc1745 Words   |  7 PagesSainsbury’s incentivises in making lives easier by delivering fair prices and quality services; location being key focus, seeing growth in both convenience and discount stores, enticing more consumers every day. J Sainsbury’s plc (2015) Strategic Report is divided in two sections; the non-financial KPIs are: Product Quality, Like-for-Like Transactions, Price perception, Sales growth, Service growth by Area/Channel, Availability and Customer Service that focuses on social respo nsibility as FredrickRead MoreWal Mart s Social Responsibility And Consumer Purchasing Behaviors2664 Words   |  11 PagesIn a fiercely competitive economy, good social reputations are companies’ biggest asset. Copious recent research established direct correlations between companies’ social responsibility and consumer purchasing behaviours. As consumers have more substitution options, it is easier to boycott unethical companies. In the recent decade, Wal-Mart has been entangled in a series of legal and ethical battle around the world. Hiring illegal immigrant worker , refusing to pay overtime fee , discriminatingRead MoreBusiness Report : Sainsburys Plc1664 Words   |  7 PagesSainsbury’s incentivise in making lives easier by delivering fair prices and quality services; location being key focus for both convenience and discount stores increasingly growing, enticing more consumers every day. J Sainsbury’s plc (2015) Strategic Report is divided in two sections; the non-financial KPIs are: Product Quality, Like-for-Like Transactions, Price perception, Sales growth, Service growth by Area/Channel, Availability and Customer Service that focuses on social responsibility as FredrickRead MoreInfluence Of Consumer Behavior On Corporate Social Responsibility2162 Words   |  9 PagesPart I. How Consumer Behaviour has, should or could actually influence CSR issues? The current report aims to highlight the influence of consumer behaviour on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues and present a broad understanding of the role of sustainability in consumption by reflecting on my own personal consumption practices. For the purposes of this report, we will use the European Commission’s definition of CSR as being â€Å"the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society†Read MoreManagement and Study Unit41775 Words   |  168 PagesPROGRAMME IN PURCHASING AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT STUDY GUIDE FOR MODULE 2 PURCHASING AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT PPSM026 i  © 2011 University of South Africa All rights reserved Printed and published by the University of South Africa Muckleneuk, Pretoria Author: Ms Irma Fourie PPSM026/1/2011-2013 ii PURCHASING AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT (PPSM026) CONTENTS TOPIC 1: THE PURCHASING FUNCTION: AN OVERVIEW The purchasing function in perspective The task of purchasing and supply management Purchasing processesRead MoreManagement and Study Unit41787 Words   |  168 PagesPROGRAMME IN PURCHASING AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT STUDY GUIDE FOR MODULE 2 PURCHASING AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT PPSM026 i  © 2011 University of South Africa All rights reserved Printed and published by the University of South Africa Muckleneuk, Pretoria Author: Ms Irma Fourie PPSM026/1/2011-2013 ii PURCHASING AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT (PPSM026) CONTENTS TOPIC 1: THE PURCHASING FUNCTION: AN OVERVIEW The purchasing function in perspective The task of purchasing and supply management Purchasing processes andRead MoreConsumer Behavior Challenge2374 Words   |  10 Pagesmarket the netbook in the U.S so that it can be a successful sale. However, there are challenges or consumer behavior issues that HP could face when trying to introduce this marketing strategy (Luchs, 2012). HP would need to understand that as the purchasing behaviors of customers change, so do the marketing methods businesses utilize to sell their merchandises. To provide consumers products they desire, HP will have to be able to recognize what issues are having an influence customers to buy. WithRead MoreGlobal Business Environmental Forces5642 Words   |  23 Pagesconcern, commitment to duty, initiative and resourceful, dependability, willingness and readiness to perform, interpersonal skills, personal effectiven ess where some of the undesirable behaviors were indiscipline, unreliability, job incompetency, unethical behaviors, unsystematic and unorganized approach to job. Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines concentrates on modern technological advances to design a systematic communication channel, participatory management, more training programs and workshops, rewardsRead MoreMotivation by Commission Based Pay4502 Words   |  19 Pagesselling agent has two direct tasks: (1) prospecting for customers and (2) advising on the product’s suitability for the specific needs of the customers. Consumers usually rely on information and advice provided by representatives of a seller when purchasing unfamiliar products. Therefore, having a knowledgable and ethical sales force is key to having a high customer service company that will lead to customers being satisfied. Yet comanies fail to realize that having their sales staff on commission